Haque Sculpture

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Haque Sculpture
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Haque Sculpture Review

This is a wine barrel sphere made with 6 reclaimed barrel hoops. Each metal band is approx 1 inch thick and is mounted together on the top and bottom of the sphere and help tightly in place. This item would look great with more than one down the entryway of your house, down your driveway, in your front yard, backyard, garden or even hanging from a tree. ( Read more ... )
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An oversized model of an oversized craft. See its details: engine pods, bridge, windows, markings, taut fabric stretched over frame.
The legendary workhorse of the skies during the 1930-50s. Some are still flying in far-flung places like the Amazon and the Gobi Desert. It's taken us a couple years, but the Authentic Models pulled off a major feat. The first limited edition production of a hand-built model in aluminum. Complete with etched metal sheets and rivets. Windows, extreme engine detail, propellers, landing gear, ailerons. Inspect... Admire!
Nostalgic and perfect replica of an early travel agent advertising sign.
The 1930s saw the rise of hand built model racecars, known as spindizzies or tether cars. Miniature racecars built by hobbyists zoomed around banked wooden tracks at speeds approaching 150 miles per hour. Resembling the full-size racers of their day, several spindizzies competed at once, tethered by cables to a central pole. Powered by model airplane engines, spindizzies raced against the clock. Incredibly detailed and aerodynamic, these miniature racecars were beyond toys; they were pieces of...
Authentic Model's aluminum Indy racer is an authentic replica of a 1930s child's toy. Its original makers were the famous Dooling Brothers, who manufactured around 1000 units at the time. They were offered to aficionados of the famous Dooling spindizzies, miniature motorized racecars that reached dizzying speeds. They were closely modeled on the famous Mercedes Silver Arrows of the early 1930s. Originals are now rare and highly prized by collectors.
You can't see the mechanic from your open cockpit. You yell "Contact" and the propeller jumps to life, the plane starts to shudder. The mechanic pulls away the wheel blocks and escapes. The noise is incredible, a 9-cylinder Hispano-Suiza spewing clouds of vaporized castor-oil. Complete cacophony. The propeller is by now an invisible whirr. Out of the way, this is hands-on flight at its finest, ready for take-off? Adrenaline flows, the sky is beckoning.
Create a modern statement with this signature iron sphere sculpture made of square bar stock.
Slender matchstick-sized pieces of natural iron are fused together with brass welds to create this organic yet industrial centerpiece. Since each is hand-assembled size will vary. Stands alone as a sculpture or can be filled with simple decorative objects of your choosing.
A sculpture with shine, this 15'' table lamp instantly adds breezy, beachy beauty to your abode. Crafted from resin, its body features a block base sprouting stems with bird statuettes, finished in contrasting tones of black and weathered gray. Up top, a single light is highlighted by a white linen drum shade, evenly distributing a warm glow throughout your ensemble. To keep this piece looking sharp, we recommend wiping clean with a dry cloth.
Mirrors add dimension to your space while also sprucing up your wall - and this one is the perfect pick.Made in the USA, this design is handcrafted of solid wood and glass. The frame is finished in distressed ivory with a black inner border, while it offers a classic square silhouette.Try grouping a few above your foyer console table to complement an earthy potted plant or a sleek artful sculpture, add it to the master suite to pair with a plush tufted headboard, or let it sit in the entryway...

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