Corinthian Birdbath

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Corinthian Birdbath
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Corinthian Birdbath Review

This Corinthian Birdbath is handmade to look old and weather. Each has its own unique charm. ( Read more ... )
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Offer a touch of simple sophistication to outdoor ensemble with this eye-catching cast iron bird bath, showcasing an ornate openwork pedestal base, cinched details, and a lovely textured leaf basin. Let the perched bird accents invite feathered friends to splash and play in the front yard, then call out its leaf details by planting bushes and blooming flower beds nearby. To up the rustic look, set a cast iron bistro set on the patio to sit with coffee (or a cocktail) and enjoy the open air...
Lend a natural touch to the garden path or patio with this eye-catching bird bath, featuring a metal design and crane details.
This backyard bear won't scare you or the local wildlife. In fact, this Resin Bear Birdbath invites your birds to perch while drinking or bathing. From his round belly to the beehive bowl he balances on his head, this birdbath has lots of great details you're going to love. There are even two honeybee accents to complete the sweet look.
The pond bossĀ® solar birdbath spitter is a beautiful way to provide additional aeration and decoration to your fountain or birdbath. When placed above or under water, the two adjustable solar panels capture energy from direct sunlight to power the pump. When the water in the fountain basin gets low, the low-water shut-off feature turns off the pump to prevent burn out. There is no wiring and it is 100% energy efficient.
This Corinthian Birdbath is handmade to look old and weather. Each has its own unique charm.
Give something to your little flying friends as well as yourself with this gorgeous and decorative bird bath. The whole sculpture is antiqued bronze made with an aluminum bowl and cast iron pedestal and base. The bowl is stylized to look like a giant leaf, being supported by three graceful cranes as they primp and tidy their feathers, giving this sculpture a perfect, natural look that is sure to fit great in any garden or bring nature closer to your home on a porch or patio.
The Wildwood Birdbath has a realistic wood effect It has the smaller branch and floral details along the pedestal.
The Tudor Weave Birdbath has a patterned base with leaves and roses trailing toward the bowl. The bowl is shallow with patterning along the outside.
The Mushroom Birdbath is a natural style birdbath with mushrooms and leaves along the pedestal. A frog rests in the small, mushroom cap style bath.
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