8-Liter Desiccant 17 Pint Dehumidifier

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8-Liter Desiccant 17 Pint Dehumidifier
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8-Liter Desiccant 17 Pint Dehumidifier Review

How does Meaco's 8-liter desiccant dehumidifier differ from a traditional condenser dehumidifier? Instead of using condensation on cold evaporator coils to remove humidity from the air, Meaco's desiccant dehumidifier uses a chemical called Zeolite desiccant to do so. Meaco's desiccant dehumidifier can be used to dry rooms suffering from damp conditions, remove the "sticky" feeling from the air in summer, dry clothes after washing, help prevent condensation problems in winter, and help to... ( Read more ... )
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3.5 Liter Clean Pro Deep Fryer is a semi-professional deep fryer with outstanding performances and high-end finishings. It is built to last thanks to its sturdy stainless steel bowl and stainless steel brushed housing. Its capacity of 3.5 L allows you to prepare up to 1.2 Kg of food (2.65 lbs). It is also equipped with an on/off switch and a digital timer. The lid can be used during cooking. It has a permanent metallic filter and a viewing window.
Replace your old, stovetop water bath canner with the 21 Qt. Fresh Tech Electric Water Bath Canner Multi-Cooker, which can be used anywhere there’s a power outlet. Not only is this electric water bath canner 20 percent more energy efficient than traditional stovetop methods for canning, but you’ll also free up valuable space on your cooktop for other cooking tasks. This canner accommodates large batch canning, fitting 7-quart jars or 8-pint jars comfortably at one time. The ingenious drain...
The Algreen composter combines the timeless aesthetic elegance of ceramics with the enduring durability of modern plastics. This 50 gallons / 200-liter composter is constructed from tough, root molded plastic able to withstand extreme temperatures and will not chip, fade, or crack over time. The composter comes with a locking lid to secure and protect your compost. It also includes a screen for tea collection, a tea collection reservoir and a drain for tea. Holes for aeration and a compost...
The 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote has numerous features. It is a 3-in-1 unit so it can be used as an air conditioner, fan or dehumidifier in spaces up to 425 square feet. Complete with an anti-bacterial water tray and air filter, you can rest assured you are getting clean air. Electronic controls, a 24-hour timer, and a remote control are all there to make the unit as easy and convenient to use as possible. This item feature lets you add water to keep the compressor cool and...
This Focolare Muro Bianco Wall Mounted Bio-Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace is the perfect union of technology and tradition. The rich and modern look of the glossy red finish or the warmth and realistic feel of the dark walnut finish blends well with any decor. A large capacity 1.5-liter ethanol burner sits behind a glass safety windscreen. When lit the flames dance inside set off by the black background making the flames even more vibrant and colorful. Less than 6" deep this stunning ethanol...
Make every Coke collector jealous and keep chilled foods and beverages on hand. A roomy inside features a Coca-Cola Series 3.2 cu.ft. Compact Refrigerator with Freezer, along with 2-liter bottle storage and a can dispenser built into the interior of the door. Operated by a simple dial control, the adjustable thermostat keeps foods at the ideal temperature. Outfitted with classic Coca-Cola design elements, such as a distinctive metal bottle opener, the exterior adds the perfect touch of...
This modern, stylish, Coca-Cola 24 lb. Portable Ice Maker features a 2-liter water tank and a clear viewing window that lets you watch the ice cubes being made. The LED control panel includes indicator lights letting you know when the ice is ready. This Coca-Cola 24 lb. Portable Ice Maker is perfect for pool parties, home bar, office and more.
Enjoy a more comfortable home environment with the 50 Pint Dehumidifier. Removing up to 50 pints of moisture from the air per day, the dehumidifier protects your home from mold and mildew caused by excess moisture. It also helps eliminate bacteria in the air that can make breathing difficult. Preprogrammed humidity levels for bedroom, living room and basement take the guesswork out of using your dehumidifier. Combining high-efficiency operation with portable convenience, this unit also offers...
Enjoy a more comfortable home environment with 70 Pint Dehumidifier with Pump. Removing up to 70 pints of moisture from the air per day, the dehumidifier protects your home from mold and mildew caused by excess moisture. Preprogrammed humidity levels for bedroom, living room and basement take the guesswork out of using your dehumidifier. Combining high-efficiency operation with portable convenience, this unit also offers continuous draining, plus caster wheels and integrated side handles for...
The 9.5 Liter Digital Air Fryer is their most advanced air fryer yet. Besides its ample cooking capacity, this unit includes a rotisserie rod for chicken, cornish hens, and many more of your favorites. It also includes a rack and five skewers to make your favorite meat, veggie, and fruit kabobs. Its low-temperature setting allows for dehydrating jerky, fruits, veggies and even herbs. The digital controls and convenient one-touch features make this a must-have for any kitchen.

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